Ciril Petr software developer at Iskratel mathematical researcher at IMFM +386 40 526 292 ciril.petr at skype: ciril.petr EDUCATION 1981 - 1984, , Ljubljana Gymnasium Vi 1992, , Computer and Information Science, BSc University of Ljubljana 1998, , Computer and Information Science, MSc University of Maribor 2004, , , PhD Mathematics University of Maribor EMPLOYMENT EARLY COMPUTERS 1977 - Texas Instruments programmable calculator TI-58C 1981 - Sinclair ZX81 1983 - Commodore C-64 1980 - Texas Instruments , home computer TI-99/4A 1985 - IBM PC-XT SKILLS Java, C, SQL, VAX Basic, COBOL, Primefaces, Javascript detecting memory leaks, profiling, detecting hotspots, enhancing throughput massive parallelism, high performance computation, discrete graph algorithms tcpdump, Wireshark Network Analyzer, Eclipse Memory Analyzer Netbeans IDE, Eclipse IDE, Idea IDE, Squirrel browser, LDAP browser Linux administration, Bash scripting, Cygwin on WinOS Amazon Elastic Cloud, NorduGRID computers, SuperMUC (generations I, II, NG) LaTeX, MiKTeX, Postscript, PDF, CorelDraw, Corel Photo-Paint 1992 - 1993, Tehnodata, Maribor HP Apollo workstations, UNIX, Implementation of software protection system in C 1993 - 2000, , Maribor Institute of Information Science member of small core development team, Bibliographic system of Slovenia ( ) COBISS 2000 - today, Iskratel telecommunication systems development of telemanagement system member of core team for generic java framework system solving tough problems in production, deadlocks, leaks, bottlenecks, security 2006 - 2011, , Maribor Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics docent, Contemporary Programming Techniques & Languages I, Programming I 2003 - today, , Ljubljana Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics researcher, collaboration between industry and academia foreign languages: fluent English, functional German BIBLIOGRAPHY